Sauce Zingara B is the Zingara Sauce Made with White Wine.
Sauce Zingara B
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The "B" Sauce is a white wine and Brown Stock version with Mushrooms (and/or Black Truffles) and a Ham Garnish. You will find the Zingara B Sauce more prevalent in the modern world.

Sauce Zingara B is made by combining white wine, a Reduction of the liquor (liquid) from cooked Mushrooms, Demi GlacéTomato Sauce, and Brown Stock. The Sauce Zingara B is traditionally, Finished with Cayenne Pepper and a Julienne of MushroomsBlack TruffleHam and salted ox Tongue.


Sauce Zingara B also known as Sauce Zingara (2) is one of two Zingara Sauces described by Escoffier.

Culinary Uses

Sauce Zingara B is considered to be especially suited to Veal or Poultry entrées.