Scaloppina al Marsala
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Scaloppina al Marsala is a traditional Italian dish usually made from Scaloppina di Vitello (Veal Scaloppina) and Marsala Wine.


In Scaloppina al Marsala, the Scaloppina is most often made with a thin piece of Veal cut from the Veal Leg, but Scaloppina al Marsala can also be made using Pork (Scaloppina di Maiale), Chicken (Scaloppina di Polo), etc.

Culinary Uses

Smart Kitchen’s recipe for Veal Scaloppina al Marsala, and the variations with Pork and Chicken, Pork Scaloppina al Marsala and Chicken Scaloppina al Marsala will help you get started. The recipes can be found by following the links.

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