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A Skewer is essentially a stick with a pointed end and a non-pointed end. The non-pointed end can be a handle, a ring or simply a squared off cut.

A Skewer is used to either hold food while it cooks or to hold food together.  Chunks of food can be strung onto the Skewer, much like beads are strung onto a string to form jewelry. The Skewer can then be placed in or around heat.  They help facilitate even cooking by exposing more surfaces of food product more easily to the heat source.  Of course, Skewers can also be used to hold Raw food, such as chunks of fruit, as part of a more elaborate presentation.

A Skewer can also be used to hold other foods together. An example might be helping to keep a Shrimp straight by running a Skewer through it lengthwise before cooking.


Skewers are most often made from either Wood (Wooden Skewers) or Metal (Metal Skewers).

Culinary Uses

Skewers are typically used with Grilling or Roasting. Kabob is a form of food that is cooked and presented on a Skewer. The Finish Cooked product is removed from the Skewer by the diner using a fork or their hands.