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There are many different types of specialty woods, all of which present excellent and distinctive outcomes. The method of cooking you are choosing will determine which types of woods may be used to best effect.


The following will provide the characteristics of each type of wood and its affect on the meat being Smoked or Grilled.

Smart Kitchen is not a Wood Smoking or BBQ site, though we love both, so our section on using specialty woods is not definitive but instead a starting point. When thinking about Specialty Hardwoods, your first question should be about your application. Considerations for Wood for SmokersWood for Larger Grills, and Wood for Smaller Grills, Smokers or Kettle Grills can vary.  

Once you have considered your application, you can consider which “smoking” hardwoods to use, woods like:  Oak WoodPecan WoodHickory WoodApple WoodAlder WoodCherry WoodMaple Wood, or Mesquite Wood. Even Guava, Almond, Walnut, Peach, or Apricot woods can be used. The key is whether the wood in question is a hardwood. Always use a hardwood. Don’t use softwood and NEVER EVER USE PINE, SPRUCE, OR OTHER EVERGREENS. DUE TO THEIR TARS AND RESINS THEY ARE DANGEROUS FOR GRILLING OR SMOKING.