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Steak Tartare is a raw, lean, finely-chopped and seasoned beef dish that is thought to have originated with the Mongol/Tartar hordes who frequently ate their meat saddle-cooked by horse heat and saddle-tenderized while on the move.

The first written mention of the preparation of Steak Tartare (without naming it) was made by Jules Verne in his 1875 novel, Michael Strogoff. The first restaurant recipe for Steak Tartare was published in 1938. 

Modern iterations of Steak Tartare are most often seasoned and mixed with herbs before being shaped into a mound, with a declivity on top into which a raw egg yolk is poured. Capers, chopped Parsley and finely-diced Onions accompany the dish.

Steak Tartare is rarely served anymore because of concerns about food safety (raw meat is certainly in The Food Danger Zone) and legal liability concerns. At Smart Kitchen, we only provide an explanation and no recipe because of some of the same concerns.

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