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Contrary to what most of us already know about eating Raw Fish, Sushi only means any dish made with cold, molded, “vinegared” Rice, also known as Sushi Rice. There can be various fillings and toppings, including the famous raw fish (which is technically Sashimi).

The earliest Sushi was invented in the 4th century in Southeast Asia as a means of preserving Fresh Water Fish during the dry season in the Mekong Delta. The process and the History of Sushi is an interesting story.

There are many types of Sushi ranging from traditional Makizushi (rolled Sushi like Maki Rolls), to Nigiri-Sushi, to Inarizushi (a pouch of fried tofu filled with Sushi Rice), to Makizushi (rolled Sushi-like), to Chirashizushi (“scattered Sushi” a bowl of Sushi Rice topped with a selection of raw fish and vegetables), to American-created Sushi like California Rolls or Inside-Out Rolls, etc.

A final quick thought on Sushi before we leave this Resource Page: Flair, the 4th of Smart Kitchen’s 4 Levers of Cooking, is critical to the Plating and presentation of Sushi. It is an art form because Sushi chefs believe that customers eat with the eyes as well as with the mouth. Creating Sushi is like building a Zen masterpiece.

Smart Kitchen does not specialize in Japanese Cuisine at this time but will in the future when we will go further into the subject of Sushi.