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Waffled: Slang for intoxicated.
Ware: An Oyster older than 3 years.
Warm: To bring a food slowly to a slightly higher temperature.
Waste: The portion of a food that is neither usable nor edible.
Water Activity: A measure of the amount of moisture bacteria need to grow; often written as Aw; was has a Aw of 1.0, and any food with an Aw of 0.85 or greater is considered potentially hazardous.
Water Added: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) labeling term indicating that a processed meat product has been injected with a curing solution in excess of the amount of natural fluids lost during curing and smoking.
There are two main types of Carrots in production in the world. The two types are separated by geography. Our familiar modern orange Carrot is called the Western Carrot (or Carotene Carrot). It was likely developed from a mutant or hybrid of a yellow colored Eastern Carrot (which is the...
In Wet Aging, after slaughter, sides or quarters of meat are vacuum-sealed in plastic and remain there, refrigerated at 34°F - 38°F (1.1° C – 3.3° C) between 7-28 days but on average 23 days, until they are butchered for sale. Some critics believe that Wet Aging does...
Wet Measure: A standard system of measuring units of volume for liquids or their container that are not dry. In the kitchen, you'll Wet Measure ingredients such as water, milk, or oil when making a recipe or dish. Nutritional Value USDA
Culinary Uses Whisking: Used to incorporate air into foods such as Eggs, Cream or Sauces. Nutritional Value USDA
White Meat is largely made up of “fast twitch,” “fight or flight” muscle fibers which are excellent for brief bursts of quick activity. Fast twitch muscles process a lot of energy quickly, but also tire rapidly. As opposed to the “slow twitch” muscles in...
A White Stock is a Stock that is a white or neutral color. White stock may be made from Beef, veal or Chicken bones. The finished stock should have a good flavor, good clarity, high Gelatin content and little or no color. Veal bones are most often used, but any combination of Beef, Veal or...
Whole Butter an uncultured emulsion of butter fat (about 80-81%), Milk Solids (1-2%) and water that comes from slightly fermented and churned or centrifuged whole milk. The natural color of butter, derived from the carotene in green fodder, ranges from pale yellow to deep...
Whole Dairy Products are Milk or other dairy products that have not been processed and/or separated into constituent parts.