Differences Between Grilling and Barbecue
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The purpose of this page is not to argue a point but to seek clarity for our members. We want to be sure our students are on the same page so that we are talking "Apples to Apples," not "Grilling to Barbecue." 

Most backyard "barbecues" are outdoor grills and not really barbecues at all.

Barbecue, the traditional style, is a "Low & Slow" cooking technique that uses Low Heat, indirectly, to Finish Cook product and infuse it with a smoky flavor.

Barbecuing, is an art form and requires long hours of slow cooking, often using Specialty Hardwoods in a Smoker. The longer cook times allow the smoke, Rubs, Marinades, Basting Sauces & sprays (like Apple Juice) to really penetrate the meat and yield a fork-tender product. Smart Kitchen is not currently teaching Barbeque methods, though we love them and practice them at home. We also have a number of Blog posts about our visits to various iconic BBQ joints in the U.S. 

At Smart Kitchen, we are focused on teaching the classic culinary techniques but don’t mind explaining other concepts, especially if the explanation helps clarify what we are teaching. We do teach Grilling, which is what most of do with Hot Dogs and Hamburgers in the yard. 

Grilling is cooking on a grate (or grill) over a direct heat source from below. The heat source can be a gas flame, wood flame or a charcoal glow. Grilling uses Variable Heat, (High Heat, Medium Heat, Low Heat, etc.) and places the product directly over the heat source so that it is cooked by Conduction and Radiant Heat. Smart Kitchen's Exercise on Grilling goes into chapter and verse on Heat Zones, Marking, etc.