Using the Right Oil & The Right Heat for the Dish Can Make All the Difference on a Few Dimensions.
Easy Heat Chart
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Proper heats like High HeatMedium Heat or Low Heat are determined by the actual temperature in your pan and not the position of the knob on the dial.

Chefs use Visual Clues and experience to determine how hot their pans have gotten. One frequently used visual clue is the Smoke Point of various oils. Matching oils to heats is also important because once an oil has surpassed its Smoke Point it begins breaking down and releasing free radicals, a known cancer causing agent.

Further, different techniques require different heats to cook foods properly.

The following chart is a good catch-all for the concept. More specific information on each of the techniques, oils and heats is contained in Smart Kitchen the online cooking school.

Heats, Fats & Techniques Should work in Concert