How to Clean your Grill
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You should never let soap touch the cast iron or steel of your grill. The temper (or Cure or Seasoning) is based on grease, and soap removes grease. If you wash your cast iron or steel grill with soap, you will destroy the nonstick.

To clean a grill all you need is heat, and a scrub brush. Hot water, the hotter the better, doesn’t hurt especially if you are concerned about sterilization. To sterilize after scouring, which we don’t think is necessary if the grill has been tempered properly, pour boiling water into and over the grill. When the iron comes clean after scouring and sterilization, immediately dry it and wipe a fairly heavy coating of shortening over all the metal. Lard, is sometimes recommended for seasoning, but lard is made from animal fat and can turn rancid. Shortening, which won’t turn, is a better bet. If your grill picks up soot deposits, you may want to remove the excess soot before cleaning with the scrub brush. Use a greasy paper towel to remove the loose, exterior soot, then proceed with the scrub brush as described above.