How to Remove an Avocado Pit
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Before opening your avocado, make sure it is ripe and ready for use.

An avocado that is ripe for slicing should give slightly, with gentle pressure (too much pressure can bruise it). If instead the fruit retains small dents from gentle pressure, it is too ripe to slice but can be mashed. If gentle pressure makes a large dent, the avocado is overripe and not useful.

To pit an avocado, girdle it by inserting the knife deep into avocado and cutting it lengthwise all the way around the pit.

The technique is also described in the opening of Smart Kitchen's Video Cookiing Class, Intermediate Knife Skills: Topic 6: Sculpting with the Knife: Exercise 7Fanning Avocado.

Once cut, gently twist the avocado halves apart.

Separate the two halves. The pit should most likely remain in one of them.

Tap the blade of a heavy knife into the pit (almost as though you are chopping an ax blade into a piece of wood).

Once the knife has bitten into the seed, twist the knife gently clockwise (or counter clockwise) to release the pit from the flesh. Lift up the knife with the pit and carefully release the pit from the blade with a downward and away motion. Avoid placing your hand in the path of the knife.

At this point you can either scoop out the fruit or if the fruit is firm enough, peel off the skin. To skin the fruit, tear the skin so it is easy to peel back. Place a half face down and peel off the skin. If the skin is too tough to peel easily, use a paring knife to score it into manageable strips.

If the flesh is very soft, it may be best to scoop out the fruit with a spoon.  After the skin is removed you can SliceDice, Chop, Mash or otherwise prepare the avocado.