How to Wet Pluck Poultry
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Wet Plucking is the predominant form of plucking commercial poultry in the United States. Wet Plucking involves dropping the poultry carcass into boiling water to free up and loosen the feathers. The feathers can be more easily removed with a “Plucker” (a mechanical rotating wheel.) The advantages to Wet Plucking, are speed and cleanliness (fewer feathers escape and fly around loose with Wet Plucking).

There are some drawbacks to Wet Plucking too. The water used needs to be hot enough to discourage bacteriological growth, but not so hot that it burns or damages the skin. The plunge into the boiling water can also cause the carcass to absorb up to 7% of its own body weight in water. This can result in a slimy skin, a hospitable environment for bacterial growth and have you paying poultry prices by the pound, for absorbed water. Also, the moist skin does not crisp up as well when cooked.