Low Heat is 225° F - 249° F is Used for the Slowest and Gentlest Cooking.
Low Heat
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Chef’s actually use both Low Heat and Medium Low Heat, as heat designations for employed heat. Use Low Heat for 225° F - 249° F (107° C - 120° C).

Fats suitable for Low Heat are:

Un-Refined Canola Oil (Smoke Point 225° F (107° C)

Un-Refined Flax Seed Oil (Smoke Point 225° F (107° C)

Un-Refined Safflower Oil (Smoke Point 225° F (107° C)

Un-Refined Sunflower Oil (Smoke Point 225° F (107° C)

You can tell when your pan has achieved Low Heat by using Visual Clues. For example; The Smoke Point Heat TestThe Water Drop Heat Test, or how your liquid is boiling.

Low Heat is used for the slowest and gentlest cooking like poaching, finish cooking delicate fish and Holding cooked items. Low Heat is also good for longer uses like an extended simmer or a reduction.

In our lessons, Teaching Chef's cook over a gas flame which is “easier to control.” If you're cooking on an Electric Stovetop, be aware of the inherent Electric Heat Lag when lowering temperature from a higher heat.

Warming Heat, is the temperature below Low Heat. This temperature doesen't cook food it holds food, out of The Food Danger Zone.