Searing Can be Accomplished After Oven Roasting but it Has Some Drawbacks.
Oven Searing After Oven Roasting
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Oven Searing After Oven Roasting means to Roast your product at a lower Roasting temperature for a period of time and then finish it with High Heat from the oven for 5 to 15 minutes to impart the desirable sear. This practice has a lot to recommend it in terms of retaining the internal juices of the product as long as possible. The lower heat does not evaporate as much jus over the cook time as a higher heat might so as a consequence the jus remains in the product longer keeping it moist during the extended Roasting period.

The drawback comes in trying to determine the length of the two separate cooking times. It is complicated and takes experience with the product and your equipment to know how long to Roast at the lower temperature before taking the oven up to high heat. Even if you know that you have 30° of internal temperature left when the high heat comes on, how do you know that the burst of high heat will get your internal temperature to the desired level of doneness before the high heat severely chars the exterior of the product?  Unless you have done it a few times, you don’t. That is the drawback. For most intermediate chefs, risk-reward ratio is not in their favor.