What is Pan Seared Flavor
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The Pan Sear Flavor: A protein over higher heats creates Fond, the flavorful residue of time in the pan, as its internal moisture evaporates. Some fond adheres to the pan, some adheres to the product.

If you pan sear, the fond that remains on the product, follows it into the roasting oven and improves the flavor of your final dish. Fond is created in Oven Searing too, as Fat and Jus drip into the Roasting Pan and lose their moisture via evaporation. But Pan Searing creates much more Fond, which can be De-Glazed and used to make a Pan Sauce to accompany your roast. When your guests are clamoring for a bit more sauce, you will be glad that you have it.  

A quick side note before moving on. Though we are calling it a “Pan Sear” what we mean is placing your pot, pan, or other suitable cooking vessel on top of a burner (or burners) to use the energy of High Heat Conduction to sear the product.