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Rare (“Saignant” in French) refers to meats (typically Beef & Lamb) slightly cooked where there is a bright red center that is slightly pink towards the exterior. Cooking meats to Rare leaves them soft, juicy, flavorful and tender. There is debate between the FDA and the culinary community about the wisdom of eating meats cooked only to Rare. For absolute food safety, the FDA says you should not eat Rare meat. The FDA’s minimum dictate for food safety is 145°F (63° C) which will not be Rare.

The culinary community posits that meats cooked Rare should have reached an internal temperature of 120° F (49° C) to 125° F (52° C). They know that every pathogen will not be killed at those temperatures but feel that as long as you source good, healthy meat and have a strong immune system, Rare meat should be safe to eat.

You should asses your personal risk tolerance and taste preferences and learn what works best for you and your diners.