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Sauteing Should Not Be Confused with Sweating
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Sautéing uses a small amount of fat, uncovered in the pan at High Heat, to promote quick caramelization & searing. 

Sweating, as the name implies, is bringing out beads of flavor with moisture at  low temperature in a covered pan. Think about condensation trapped on the pan lid dripping back into the cooking product and you will always keep the two straight.

Fat is used in sweating as well, which usually causes the confusion. But in sweating, the fat is not used to reach higher temperatures. It is used to catch the Non-Volatile Flavors.

Culinary Uses

Smart Kitchen teaches Sautéing in Lesson 4: Introduction to Cooking Methods, Topic 2: Dry Heat Methods, Exercise 14: Sautéing. We teach Sweating in while making a Mirepoix in Lesson 8: Stocks, Sauces & Soups Basics, Topic 2: Stocks, Exercise 2: Sweating.