Skin On Chicken has Superior Flavor and Texture at the price of Additional Calories.
Skin on Chicken vs Skin Off Chicken
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Skin-On Chicken or Skin-Off Chicken

The major benefit of cooking with Skin-On Chicken is flavor and texture. The Chicken Skin contains most of the Fat on a Chicken. Too much fat is bad for a diet, but it keeps meat moist protects it from excessive heat, and adds flavor. Additionally, cooked Chicken Skin will give each bite an enjoyable crispiness. A third benefit of cooking with the skin on is the ability to Lard the meat.

The major drawback to cooking Chicken Skin-On is the unhealthfulness of the fat calories contained in the Chicken Skin. For the health conscious diner, a good middle ground is to cook with the skin on, but discard it before service. This compromise approach allows for all the benefits during cooking without the diners ingesting extra fat and calories.

When cooking Chicken without skin, the meat will cook more quickly than a comparable piece with the skin on. This is a helpful fact if you are in a rush, but it is also important to note because skinless Chicken can easily overcook; watch it like a hawk. Because of the fat contained in the skin, Skinless Chicken is much healthier than Chicken with the skin on. In fact, removing the skin is healthiest thing you can do when preparing a Chicken dish.

The major drawback of cooking skinless chicken is the potential for the meat to lose moisture when exposed to the heat. Without the skin, the meat is vulnerable. It needs to be protected from Direct Heat or Conductive Heat just to keep it from sticking.

Skinless, boneless Chicken meat is both a very neutral and a supportive flavor. Depending on your purposes, a neutral flavor can be a benefit, if you wish to showcase other flavors, or a problem if your dish turns out lifeless and bland. Enhancing the flavor of boneless, skinless chicken breasts requires thought and skill.