Tips for Using a Roux
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Culinary Uses

Tips for making a Roux:  

1) A good Roux will be stiff and will not pour well.

2) Roux and the Carrying Liquid should be different temperatures when combining them.

a) Cold stock can be added to the hot roux while stirring with a Whisk.

b) Or you can add room-temperature roux to a hot stock while stirring with a whisk.

3) After the roux is incorporated into the liquid, cook the mixture for at least 5 minutes to remove any flour taste.

4) Avoid aluminum pots, or avoid scraping them, when whisking a roux to prevent turning your sauce gray.

5) Avoid extreme temperatures with your roux. Roux should not be too hot or too cold.

6) Avoid over thickening your sauce. In general 2 oz. (57g) of roux will thicken a pint (.47L) of sauce.