Use & Care of Stainless Steel
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The following general tips are useful for using and caring for Stainless Steel cooking equipment, utensils and cookware.

  • Before using a new stainless steel utensil, wash the utensil thoroughly in hot sudsy water to remove any manufacturing oils and polishing compounds.
  • Stainless steel is one of the easiest materials to clean and to keep clean. Washing by hand in hot sudsy water or in a dishwasher is usually the only requirement for keeping stainless utensils bright and shiny.
  • Prompt drying will prevent water spots.
  • To remove burned-on foods, soak and wash in hot sudsy water.
  • Light scouring with a non-abrasive household cleaner and a nylon scouring pad or a commercial stainless steel cleaner will removed stubborn burns on the interior surfaces.
  • High heat may cause a mottled, rainbow-like discoloration commonly called “heat tint”.
  • Cooking certain starchy foods–such as rice, potatoes or peas–may cause a stain on the inside of the pan.
  • Both of these can be removed easily with any one of a number of readily available stainless steel cleaners.
  • Undissolved salt will “pit” steel surfaces. Consumers should add salt to liquid after it reaches the boiling point and stir to dissolve completely.
  • Do not allow acid or salty foods to remain in stainless steel for long periods of time.