Waxy Potatoes are Used For Boiling, Roasting, Bound Salads, Slicing and Pan Frying.
Waxy Potatoes
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Waxy Potatoes are so called because their thin skins feel “Waxy” to the touch. They can also be called Boiling Potatoes. If you are in doubt about whether the potatoes you purchased are Waxy or not, try scraping a bit of the skin off with your fingernail. If the skin comes away under your nail, it is a Waxy Potato.


Examples of Waxy Potatoes include: Fingerling Potatoes, Round White PotatoesRound Red PotatoesYellow PotatoesRed PotatoesSalad PotatoesLa Soda PotatoesRed La Rouge PotatoesRed Pontiac PotatoesRed Nordland PotatoesRed Bliss PotatoesYellow Finnish PotatoesRuby Crescent PotatoesAustrian Crescent Potatoes, Rose Finn Apple PotatoesRussian Banana PotatoesRed Thumb PotatoesFrench Fingerling Potatoes, and LaRette Potatoes.

Culinary Uses

They work well in preparations like SoupsStewsBound Salads and Scalloped Potatoes such as Smart Kitchen’s Potatoes Dauphinoise. Generally, they are long or round and white, yellow or red.

Waxy  Potatoes have less Starch than Starchy Potatoes, are smaller and have more moisture and sugar. Because they hold their shape, they perform well whenever the Potatoes have to be BoiledSimmeredSliced, or Roasted.

Smaller Waxy Potatoes are used most often for Roasting Potatoes or Pan Frying Potatoes. They are not generally used for Baked PotatoesDeep Frying or Mashing, where shape holding is an undesirable trait. If Waxy Potatoes are mashed the results are actually more “chunky.”

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie