What is Frenched Meat
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When applied to Meat, "Frenching" is a term for a form of presentation that can be done to Chops, Ribs, Prime Rib, Roasts, Crown Roasts or any meat with a long bone to clean down and expose. Think of it as a form of presentation or Flair

In practice, the long bones of a chop or Steak, are cleaned of all their excess meat by trimming them to expose the raw bone. The best practice is to scrape down and totally clean the bone and then Bias Cut the top of the bone on at a 45° angle.

Frenching can also refer to a preparation used on Vegetables, but we treat that Frenching technique in its own Exercise called Frenching Green Beans.


A familiar example of Frenching might be a Frenched Rib Steak, NAMP 1103B, also known as Cowboy Steak or sometimes as a Tomahawk Steak.

Culinary Uses

Before cooking, the exposed bone should be wrapped with aluminum foil so that it does not dry out and break to ruin your presentation. Remember that any meat cooked on the bone will take longer to cook but will taste better because the bone retains flavor and juices in the meat.