What is Pan Roasting
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There are two prevalent methods of Pan Roasting used today. The first is “Simple Pan Roasting” or using the conductive transfer of heat from the stovetop to cook product in a Sauté pan in a minimal amount of fat. It is good for thicker and larger cuts of meat and can cook them quickly. The second Pan Roasting method is what we call the “Combined Method” to avoid confusion. The Combined Method begins similarly to Simple Pan Roasting, with the pan on the stovetop but brings in radiant and convection heat by finishing in a preheated medium-to-hot oven. Simple Pan Roasting is typically a slower method of cooking than grilling which uses direct heat. Combined Pan Roasting can be more of a production but will deliver a thick cut of meat to the plate quickly with a perfect sear. The whole process performed straight can take as little as 10 to 20 minutes. You can even perform Combined Pan Roasting in stages as part of your Mis En Place by searing the meat in prep and holding it refrigerated until meal time.