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Tomatoes have an ideal mixture of rich flavor, high liquid content, very soft flesh which breaks down easily, and the ability to thicken into a sauce when they are cooked even without a thickening Roux). Understandably then, Tomatoes are used to make an amazing variety of sauces from the classic French Mother SauceSauce Tomate, to Italian Tomato Sauces to Tomato Gravy to Mexican Tomato Sauces (including fresh Salsas) or even the condiment “Tomato Sauce,” which we all know as Ketchup.


Tomato Sauces are available all year long.


Tomato Sauces can be extremely simple, as simple as crushed tomatoes, garlic and oil Sautéed in a pan to lose the raw flavor (an easy Pomadoro Fresco, or Italian fresh Tomato Sauce), or as complex as a Sauce Romesco. In all these Tomato Sauces, the base ingredients are similar, if not exactly the same, but the results are gratifyingly different.

There is also a Louisiana style of Tomato Sauce, made with spicy peppers or Tabasco, that might otherwise be called Sauce Piquant in the classic French kitchen.  There is also a Louisiana Cajun sauce called Creole Sauce that contains Tomatoes and is similar to Italian Tomato Sauce but with more of the colonial fusion tastes of French and Spanish flavors.


All unopened jarred or canned Tomato Sauces can be stored at room temperature. Once opened, store refrigerated.

Unopened Tomato Sauces stored at room temperature will last approximately 1 year. Once opened, Tomato Sauces will last approximately 1-2 weeks refrigerated.

Portion Size

Allow 1-2 oz of Tomato Sauce per person.

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie