Turbinado Sugar
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Turbinado Sugar is a Raw Sugar made from Sugar Cane.


Turbinado Sugar is made by evaporating out the moisture from the first crystallization of Sugar Cane Juice.


Sugar is similar to Demerara SugarRapadura Sugar and Muscovado Sugar which are all lightly processed Raw Sugars. 

Turbinado Sugar is a moister, medium brown Raw Sugar with large crystals. Because of its medium brown color, Turbinado Sugar is often mistaken for Brown Sugar but modern Brown Sugar is no longer a Raw Sugar and is actually Granulated Sugar to which Molasses has been added back.


Turbinado Sugar has a high moisture content and can harden up significantly if exposed to air. Store Turbinado Sugar in an airtight container, in a cool dark place, to maximize its useful life. Because Sugar itself does not encourage microbial growth, it’s actual shelf life is almost indefinite.

Culinary Uses

Compared to other Raw Sugars, Turbinado Sugar has a slight Brown Sugar flavor and a higher moisture content which makes it well suited to Melting & Caramelizing. Turbinado Sugar makes a nice choice for a topping on Cinnamon Cookies, Cinnamon Toast and especially for torching on top of Crème Brûlée.

In recipes, Turbinado Sugar can be substituted for Brown Sugar and Raw Sugar, including Demerara Sugar, Rapadura Sugar, Muscovado, etc. When substituting for one or the other, consider how light or dark, and how moist the original sugar called for is. Try to keep the same flavor, color and moisture profile to avoid a soggy end product.

Turbinado Sugar is also often used to sweeten tea and other beverages.


Because it is less processed and refined, Turbinado Sugar is considered to be healthier than both Granulated Sugar and Brown Sugar. Three and one half ounces (100 grams) contains 100 mg of Potassium, 85 mg of Calcium, 23 mg of Magnesium, 3.9 mg of Phosphorus and 1.3 mg of Iron along with 740 mg of Mineral Salt. In addition, you will also find small amounts of NiacinManganese and Copper.

Also, since no animal byproducts are used, Turbinado Sugar is Vegan friendly, where some other sugars will not be.

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie