Unrefined Olive Oils are Olive Oils that are not Chemically Treated. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil are Examples.
UnRefined Olive Oil
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Unrefined Olive Oil is not a specific type of Olive Oil but instead a broader class of Olive Oils that have not been chemically treated.  In unrefined olive oils, such as Extra Virgin and Virgin Olive Oils, the process goes no further than extraction and bottling. Producers of Unrefined Olive Oils need to use fruit that is in good condition and carefully manage various factors, because the oil will not be treated to chemically hide bad tastes that would result from oxidized olives or some other contamination.


Unrefined Olive Oils are produced by mechanical pressing without the use of any other chemicals. As such they should have not more than 1% acidity. 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil are examples of Unrefined Olive Oils.

Culinary Uses

Unrefined Olive Oil is useful with Medium/Low Heat and has a Smoke Point of 320°F (160°C), a Melt Point of 32°F (0°C), a Flash Point of 600°F (315°C) and a Fire Point of 700°F (371°C).

Unrefined Olive Oil is used for cooking, Salad Oils, very gentle Pan Frying, low-heat Baking, and Pressure Cooking


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