The Most Processed Rice Type that Cooks Faster and is More Tender.
White Rice
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White Rice, also called Polished Rice, Pearled Rice and Milled Rice, means the most processed Rice grain where its HuskBran and part of its Germ have been removed.

Because the term “White Rice” refers to a stage of processing, every type of Rice can be made into White Rice, though granted some types will be more or less “White.” During the processing, much of the nutritional content of the Rice is removed along with the outer components. The more-exposed, white Rice grain is more tender and cooks more quickly than Brown Rice. Some White Rice is enriched to remedy this deficiency.


White Rice can be stored for long times in a cool dry place, if properly sealed.  Converted Rice (which cooks more quickly and has more nutrients) or Brown Rice (which cooks more slowly and has more nutrients) can replace White Rice in recipes.

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie